Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let the adventure being...

This weekend marked our first weekend as homeowners. It provided to be exciting, happy, challenging, scary, and trying. It started Friday about 4:30. As David and I pulled into the driveway I noticed a FULL trash can at the curb from the previous owners, no big deal really. After we got into the house and I begin to open the refrigerator and walk the house and basement I began to find more and more things left behind...BIG DEAL NOW! Here's what I in the refrigerator, a Christmas tree, book shelf, 2 head boards, a washer, a table, and a shed full of CRAP! Its was amazing to us that the previous homeowner would leave so much. It wasn't a huge surprise really since the day before (Thursday) that was all there at our walk through but they did have until 5pm Friday to get everything out. After several calls back and forth with my realtor to their realtor we settled on the previous owner coming at Noon Saturday to get it. So we worked around it and got to cleaning.

Next challenge...I began to clean the bathroom and went to run the water in the shower and realized I forgot to call the water company!!! So we went all weekend with no running water. We did buy gallons of water to do little things but having running water will be so nice...first call on Monday :)

Saturday we made our first trip to Lowe's. After taking inventory and figureing out our projects on Friday we had to buy supplies. Since the first trip we have made many more...needing more things or returning what does not fit. I feel like I know Lowe's like the back of my hand. The previous owner did come back for her stuff. We did help her along by placing everything outside on the back patio. We just took it all outside so we wouldn't have to be at the house while she was there. We had plans for the afternoon and didn't want to have to be delayed because of her. Once we returned home everything was gone!!! It was so nice to see that she came and got everything. We continued to work and clean the best we could for the rest of the evening.

Big things that happened today:

David cut the grass and weedeated for the first time!

We had a small flood! When we arrived this morning David went toward the master bedroom and noticed the bathroom was flooded!! We tried to replace the faucet nobs yesterday but we were unable to. We had the water turned off at the sink and we knew the water was off at the house but I guess not! Overnight the water leaked into the vanity(which had a drip bowl in it to catch any water) and then onto the floor and down the air duct vent and into the basement! It was a little scary but we think all is going to be okay. We are going to reevaluate in a couple days and make sure everything dried okay.

The projects are never-ending at this point. I wish we hand unlimited time and money to just work and fix everything now and then be able to relax and enjoy, but that won't be happening anytime soon. We got a lot done this weekend and look forward to getting more done over the next week or so.

Next on the list: get running water, paint, have carpets cleaned, have PODS delivered, unpack and move in!

You should all know that when I say "we" I don't just mean David and I, I mean us plus my parents and little brother. David and I would not have been able to get near as much done without my mom and dad being there for us. They have been amazing this weekend! Thanks to both of them! We love you!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The happenings....

Its been months since my last blog....I apologize to my many many followers out there...HAHA!

Over the past two months we have celebrated both our birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years! All the fun holidays! It has been a crazy time for us. Mostly because it was our first holiday season as a married couple. We survived it! We did Thanksgiving with David's family and we spent Christmas and New Years in St. Louis with my family and his. We were planning to go to Springfield for a few days after Christmas but the snow we had in St. Louis made us stay home. Thankfully David's parents and sister were heading our way the week between Christmas and New Years. For New Years Eve we spent time with a great friend of ours and her boyfriend. We had food and games at David and Busters. It was a blast! Needless to say the holidays were crazy busy but a bundle of fun!

So now that the holidays are behind us we have still stayed busy. I am still working hard at the Doubletree. I have also started working for a nanny agency here in the St. Louis area as a temporary nanny for families who need sick care or just a night out without the kiddos. I am also working part time as a personal assistant for a women in Wentzville who owns a marketing company and is just looking for someone to help out with her business and around the house. I am really looking forward to this new opportunity. It seems like there is going to a wonderful chance to grow and become more involved with her company. I am also still planning on going back to school in Fall. David has finished his EMT classes and has taken one of the two test he needs to take to get his EMT license.

We have also begun to take the next steps in joining Morning Start Church. Last week we attended their Open Mike Night where we got the history of the church(though we didn't really need that part)we were able to ask questions to Pastor Mike, we also got to hear Pastor Mikes vision for the church and meet other people who were looking into joining the church. This coming week I am going to sign us up for their New Member class. We are both really looking forward to joining the church and getting more involved!

So over all life has been busy! I am going to try and update more weekly or so....we'll see :) Love you all!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here's the deal...

Remember when I blogged about my new job as an Assistant General Manager? Well forget all about that. It turns out after two weeks on the job I wasn't a good fit(there is more to the story, but honestly I'm over it and don't want to really go into detail). So that was about four weeks ago when they let me go. For the past two weeks I have been back at the Doubletree working which is where I was prior to taking the other job. I am totally okay with not being the AGM. Truly it was a blessing in disguise. I am so happy to be back at the Doubletree. Everyone has been so welcoming and happy to see me again.

So over that last month I have been doing some thinking...thinking about graduate school that is. I'm going to return to grad school and go for a Masters in Elementary Education. My whole growing up I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to teach so bad I played school every night with my best friend in her basement. We had grade books, planners, a chalk broad, and a whole invisible class of students(who were generally made up of the students in our own class).

I have weighed the options of just receiving my teacher certification from UMSL vs. my Masters from Lindenwood University and I think that Lindenwood is the better choice. Both schools would take about the same amount of time so I figure if that's the case then going for the Masters is the way to go!

So here I go on a new journey. It will take about two and a half to three years to get done with all my schooling. I plan to remain at the Doubletree while going to school which is going to work out great because both my school schedule and work schedule are both flexible.

I guess I should let everyone know how David is since this blog is about both of us...He is doing great! He is a month away from being done with EMT class and receiving is EMT License. This week he has done clinicals at a local hospital in the ER. Yesterday he saw a trauma where the patient had blood squirting from their head....yes their head! I'm so proud of him for working so hard over the last few months between EMT class and actual daily work. David also recently got a phone call from Wright City Fire to be a part of their upcoming Fire Academy. The Academy starts in February and its a FREE way for David to earn his Firefighter 1&2 which he needs to get on a paid department. He is really looking forward to when he is done taking classes and can get back to fighting fire.

As you can tell we both have a lot of new and exciting things going on. Please keep us in your prayers as we begin to take these next steps in life together. We are truly blessed to have the wonderful support of our friends and family behind us.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Its been forever since my last update. The last three weeks have been super CRAZY! We have been busy moving my grandparents, having an estate sale at David's grandparents, and getting use to me working 40 hours a week.

Moving my grandparents was not very eventful so we will just skip that part and move on to the estate sale. The sale went well. David and I worked a combined total of 40 hours over the weekend. Selling everything and anything people would buy. So many interesting, kind, and strange....very strange people wondered their way through the sell. The most memorable was Tabby...yes like the cat. She bought close to 200 dollars worth of what I would consider junk, but it was treasure to her. The kicker was she couldn't take it home with her that afternoon because her husband was home! Can you say hoarder? This lady was nuts! I'm still not sure if she has ever returned to pick up her items.

Aside from Tabby we had so many people tell us they were going us the items they bought to help others in need. We had an overwhelming amount of ceramic Christmas trees and the last one to be bought was by a gentlemen who was going to use it to decorate a hospice patients room at Christmas time because they had no family to decorate their room. This was only one of the many inspiring stories we heard over the course of the weekend.

So moving people and selling others stuff is not all I have been up to...I have also been working 40 hours a week 5 days a week. Over the past three weeks I have been getting use to working in the real world. I have just completed three weeks of training in IL for my new job and now hopefully this week I will be able to move to my permanent property in St. Charles which is wayyyy closer to home. I really look forward to the short commute! Driving over an hour in downtown traffic sucks! I am really enjoying my new job. Its going to be hard work but well worth it in the end.

Managing work life and home life is also taking some getting use to. By the time I get home in the evening all I want to do is veg out in front of the TV and do nothing! Which is fine most nights but some nights I really do need to work on things around the house...I kinda want to go back to college life...maybe...not really!

Till next time friends!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New things

Well as most of you are aware I have taken on a new challenge. I will be the new assistant general manager for Comfort Suites starting in about two weeks. I received an offer letter yesterday and accepted yesterday evening. I am so excited to finally begin a career! This is going to be a great experience for me. I am going to learn sooo much about the hotel industry. I think is my previous post I explained the job in greater detail so feel free to read that one too.

So along with accepting this new job I have to quit my current job. So today with a very nervous stomach I went into HR and turned in my resignation letter. The HR manager along with many other fellow co-workers are all disappointed yet excited for me. I had many people tell me today that I am brave for going into a limited service hotel vs a full service hotel. At the same time they all understand what a great learning experience this will be for me. I am going to miss the Doubletree. I like the people there. They are all so friendly and nice. I really enjoy the environment. Even though I have only been at the Doubletree for 4 weeks I feel like I know everyone. I was scared to tell my boss today. I felt like I was letting him down somehow. Thankfully he was also in the HR office when I was and by the time I could tell him what was going on he already knew. The only bad thing is they want me to finish out my two weeks. I was really hoping that I would just be able to leave today and not return but not so much the case...oh well. Its funny the week I decide to leave they schedule me 20.5 hours...which is the most I have had in one week since I started. Oh and also I had two other places call this week to set up interviews...its crazy! When one place wants ya' they all want ya'!

Other new things....I am really enjoy evening tea these days. Hot tea that is. Its so yummy! We are also getting new pillows for our couch! We currently have some crummy pillows that have very little support. When I say pillows I mean the back seat cushions on the couch. Today my mother-in-law brought me some test pillows. I'm currently test some out right now and they are great! The next step is to buy 4 more and cover them with my current pillow fabric...I love a good crafty project :) Another new thing is my hand-me-down Tupperware from my grandma! I love hand-me-down kitchen stuff. Its the best!

It truly is the little things in life that make me happy! I hope you all are able to find the little things as well! Love to all as always!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Because you all want to know...

Okay so maybe not everyone wants to know but some of you want to know...about this lunch I went to on Wednesday. Well it all started about 3 weeks ago. My mom told me about a job opening at the Comfort Suites in St. Charles off of 5th Street. The position they are trying to fill is for Assistant General Manager(AGM). I am more than qualified and could not wait to send my resume to the General Manager(GM). So that's what I did. This past Monday the GM called me and we had a phone interview which went really well. She told me about the AGM position and what all it would entail. We talked about benefits, hours, and the hotel itself. At the end of the conversation she asked if I would be able to meet with her and her boss later in the week or next week. I let her know when I was available and she said she get back to me. Not 10 minutes later she called me back and asked if I could meet her and Kevin, her boss, for lunch on Wednesday. After the great phone interview and then this I was ecstatic!!!! This made my whole week!

So the next couple of days were full of anticipation, excitement, and butterflies in my stomach. After thinking long and hard on what to wear and doing some more research on the company and coming up with more questions to ask at lunch I was ready.

Fast forward to Wednesday....the morning leading up to the lunch was normal. The nerves began on my drive there. I was to meet Kevin and Natalee, the GM, at Trailhead at 12pm. Once I arrived and we sat down for lunch the interview began. Kevin asked me questions about my past work experience. They both told me more about the company and its benefits again. We talked about the training for the AGM position. The training would most likely start at the Fairview Heights, IL location and then after 5-6 weeks of training I would transfer to the St. Charles Location. There is a little tricky situation with the AGM position see...they haven't let the current AGM go and the GM is going on vacation in the beginning of October and another full time employee is going out for surgery. So there is A LOT of moving around that is going to have to take place before they can bring me on board which is why starting at Fairview Heights is okay by me. Starting there would mean I would get to start earlier than originally expected. So as I left lunch I felt really positive about the job.

I am again back to the waiting game. At least this time I have a job to keep me busy...well kinda. I am only working a couple days a week for now. I like my job at the Doubletree so my guess is you are wondering why I would change jobs....for the salary and benefits of course! And this is a great opportunity. I would get so much experience about the hotel. I would be looking over the front desk, training new hires, keeping up with housekeeping, and doing paperwork for the hotel. So even though it will heard to leave the Doubletree its well worth it. I am hoping to hear from Natalee at Comfort Suites in the next 2 weeks. I will of course keep you all informed on whats going on.

I am so amazed at God's blessing. I keeping praying He will provide and He keeps on providing. God is so good!!

Aside from myself and my interview life is good. David and I are working on fixing his grandparents house up along with him mom and dad. We have been busy painting and sorting at the house. If all goes well we will have the house ready for sale in the next month. David is also been busy with work and EMT classes. He is really enjoying EMT classes and that makes me so happy! David and I are still attending Morning Star Church. Later this month we are going to attend Open Mike night where Pastor Mike will share the church's history, values, mission, and answer any questions. I think this will be a good way for us to get started on becoming members of Morning Star. We are truly enjoying Morning Star and are excited to become more involved.

Well I think this post has become long enough...and I can smell my peanut butter chocolate cookies baking in the oven. I must get to them! Love to you all and please keep praying for this wonderful job opportunity.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Gone Floatin'

This past weekend David and I took a much needed getaway. We went on our annual float trip with the guys from BCFD Station 5. It was a blast! We headed down to Eminence MO on Friday and floated on Saturday and came home Sunday. We got to upgrade from tents to cabins this year! The cabins were nice but the beds not so much. We sank into the middle of the bed but on the upside we had the AC in our room so we were cool all night long. So funny story....half way through the float David tells me that he lost his wedding ring! You might be wondering if I was mad but not really (that might have been because I was a little intoxicated by this point). So we looked around a little bit in the river but no luck. It was gone. And really its okay. Its all part of life and we just gotta keep on going. So the solution is to buy a "cheap" ring and then once we can afford a new "nice" one we buy a new one. So lesson year keep the ring at the campsite! All in all it was a great weekend. We go to spend time with you friends from Columbia and we learned a great life lesson.

On Sunday when we got back we headed to my mom and dad's to celebrated my mom's birthday. We had pizza with her, Dad, Jordan, Aunt Tina, and Grandma and Grandpa. A nice family dinner....NOT! I have recently came to the conclusion that my family is crazy! Every time I see them is something new with them. Grandma is always trying to pawn something off on me or my mom. See Grandma is moving for the first time 42 years and now has to downsize. So rather than just giving her stuff away to Goodwill she wants to give it to us. We don't want it!!!! There is no nice way to tell her that though. On top of my grandma moving Davids mom and dad are cleaning out his grandparents house so there's more stuff that people keep trying to give us. I don't want hand-me-downs! I know free is good but I have all I need. And if I don't have it I don't need it. Plus I have no room for anything else! I say rather than giving me stuff just buy me a house. That way I can fill my house with all their stuff! Oh well. I guess I should just be thankful that people are thinking of me and wanting to help me.

Aside from all of the above I started my new job. I worked one day last week. It was okay. Its basically setting up the afternoon break out sessions for the afternoon conferences then waiting for them to be done and breaking the food down once they are done. Its easy. I'll be training next week still. I work three days and I'll reevaluate the job again after those three days.

That's all for now. Later gators!